Depending on the total number of the participants, delegations are going to be divided into 2-5 groups in order to present the Cultural Heritage (tangible or intangible) of their country.

International Delegations:

All international delegations participating in the Symposium should prepare a presentation (PowerPoint or Video – max duration 15 min) about the cultural heritage (tangible or intangible) of their country.


Important notices:
1. Delegations are kindly requested to ensure that the presentation does not exceed the duration of 15 minutes.
2. The laptops for the presentations use PowerPoint 2016 and VLC Media Player. If the presentation of a delegation requires any other software, it is strongly advisable to bring their laptop with the presentation.

The Hellenic National Delegation:

Each school from Greece participating in the Symposium is considered to be part of “The Hellenic National delegation”. After the submission of the participation form, the Organizers, in collaboration with the National Coordinator, will contact/meet representatives of each school in order to discuss with them details regarding their participation in the Symposium as well as their eventual contribution to the organization of the Opening Ceremony and the other activities of the Symposium.


The activities involve a visit to the archaeological sites of Olympia and the Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is one of the most important museums in Greece and contains priceless artifacts. The museum holds the sculptural decoration of the temple of Zeus, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It is also home to the Nike of Paionios, the famous Hermes of Praxiteles, an outstanding collection of bronze objects (the largest and richest of its kind in the world), and many more unique exhibits.


Participants will also visit the Archimedes Museum in Olympia.


The Organizing Committee is preparing, in association with cultural and educational institutes and organizations, several workshops for students and teachers.


Especially, for the workshop “My country – my Heritage” all students are kindly requested to bring with them photos(each student one photo) of the tangible or intangible heritage of their country. The photo should be no bigger than 210 mm x 145 mm (portrait or landscape).


In the frame of global cooperation, should a National Coordinator or a teacher be interested in organizing a workshop, please contact Mrs. Vera Dilari, Hellenic National Coordinator: