Teachers and students can attend the Symposium if:

a. They have completed their vaccination against COVID-19 (i.e., 14 days have elapsed since the last vaccination, depending on the doses required) and hold a vaccination certificate issued by a certified authority, or
b. They were tested positive with COVID-19 in the past 30 to 90 days. This can be proved either by presenting a positive PCR molecular or an antigen test result performed by an authorized laboratory or a medical certificate confirming that the holder was tested positive with SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. The certificate is issued 30 days after the day of the first positive COVID-19 test and is valid for 90 days.


Acceptable vaccines: Pfizer BioNtech, Moderna, Astra Zeneca/Oxford, Novavax,
Johnson & Johnson /Janssen, Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya (Sputnik), Cansino Biologics, Sinopharm.


All participants (teachers and students) must also have a negative PCR certificate from a testing laboratory for a Covid-19 test taken no later than 72 hours before their arrival on the 6th April 2022.


Teachers and students may have an additional Rapid test upon their arrival in Athens or during the Symposium, if this is required for their transportation back to homeland. In this case the test will be conducted by the medical unit of the Symposium and parents of underage participants must declare in writing their approval in order for the medical team to proceed to the rapid test. The organizers will provide to the teachers a consent form, that has to be filled in und signed by the parents of the students (more information will follow).


This protocol can be anytime updated. In this case, all participants will be informed.

Arriving in Greece

It is very important for all delegations to read all details regarding their arrival in Greece here.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

All delegations – according to the Protocol for Arrivals in Greece – must fill in the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before arriving in Greece. The PLF can also be found on the Visit Greece app. It is strongly recommended that all delegations download the Visit Greece app (GDPR compliant) for free, prior to their arrival in Greece. For more information, please click here.

Checking before the Symposium

The teachers are responsible to check before the departure if all members of their delegation have the required documents. The members of the Organizing Committee are entitled to check the required documents of the delegations upon their arrival. If during the control a member of a delegation is found without the required documents, then all members of the delegation will be excluded from the Symposium. In this case, the costs of accommodation, food, transport, etc. will be borne exclusively by the members of the delegation and the Organizers will have no further responsibility.

Use of masks

All members of the delegations should bring masks with them. Depending on the situation in April 2022, participants of the Symposium may have to wear them during the Symposium (details and instructions will follow).