1. Important information regarding the air tickets

Athens and the “Eleutherios Venizelos” Athens International Airport are 5,5 hours’ drive away from Ancient Olympia. It is highly recommended to plan your departure from Athens on the 30th after 15:00 p.m.. . If, due to the flight program of the airlines this is not possible, the delegations are strongly advised to consider the possibility of departing Athens a day later, on the 1st May. In a case such as this, the delegation will pay an extra night for their extra accommodation in Athens. The organizers will provide any help needed.
However, should a delegation choose to depart on the 30th April earlier than 15:00 it is highly recommended to contact Mr. Vasilis Papalyberis, Head of the Organizing Committee ( BEFORE booking the air tickets!
Should a delegation ignore the above instruction, the Organizers will have no responsibility regarding the transportation of the delegation to Athens.

2. Arrival at the Athens International Airport (26 April 2022)

After their arrival at the Athens International Airport, delegations will be transferred by bus to Titania Hotel.

3. Departing from Athens to Ancient Olympia (27 April 2022)

Delegations will depart from Athens to Ancient Olympia on the 27th April after breakfast, at 07:40.

4. Departing from Ancient Olympia to Athens

Delegations will depart from Ancient Olympia to Athens/Athens International Airport on the 30th April after breakfast.